As Father’s Day is quickly approaching, I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone and share something personal as I introduce you to a new Simply Celeste scent. My dad lost his battle with cancer and passed away in October of 2016. There’s nothing quite like losing a parent and when they say grief comes in waves, it’s true. That being said, the sense of smell is extremely powerful and can instantly trigger an emotion or a memory. When I think of Dad, there are a few smells that are unforgettable. First, I think of his homemade spaghetti sauce that filled the house when it simmered all day. That smell will never be recreated as I’m not quite the cook that he was. Then there’s the smell when you start a boat to go fishing on an early Saturday morning. No, I don’t particularly like the smell of gasoline but I do love the memories it brings back. And the third thing is the one that inspired our latest scent, Dad’s favorite drink…Jack Daniels. Dad liked his whiskey. Because of that, I decided to try out a whiskey scented oil and it did truly smell like whiskey. Honestly, though, it was a bit too strong for me. So… I tweaked it a little with just a hint of fresh peach and citrus. We’re calling it Sunshine & Whiskey and we hope you enjoy it.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Fathers Day Inspired Scents

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