the Man Cave collection

Hey fellas! Is that man cave starting to smell like old nacho cheese and dirty feet? Is that den starting to smell like man’s best friend needs a bath? Is that garage starting to smell a little bit too greasy? Is that bachelor pad smelling like the men’s high school football locker room?

There’s no reason to be embarrassed when the guys come over for a beer or when your significant other stops by for a romantic evening. Don’t worry! We have you covered!

Introducing our new Man Cave collection. We have all the scents to help your man cave, den, garage or bachelor pad smell it’s best. And manly smelling to boot!


We have earthy scents like Fresh Cut Grass, Frosted Pinecone, and Blue Spruce.

There’s manly scents like Deadly Weapon and Indian Sandalwood.

And from our Happy Hour Menu we have Firecracker Cinnamon Whiskey, Sunshine and Whiskey, Margarita, and Vanilla Champagne.

Give our Man Cave collection a try! We’re sure you’re gonna like it. Thinking about something special for your special guy? Give us a holler and let us see if we can make it happen for you! We can customize scents, labels, containers, etc.

Camaro blower

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